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the Ohio History Central Ohio's anniversary as a state, the Ohio Bicentennial Commission selected artist Scott Hagan painted at least one OHIO Country Barns, Old Barns, Cleveland Ohio, Cleveland Rocks, Cincinnati, Bar Lounge, Ohio Buckeyes, The Buckeye State, My Ohio

Celebrating Ohio's BiCentennial!

An excerpt from the Ohio History Central Web Page .... To celebrate and commemorate Ohio's 200th anniversary as a state, the Ohio Bicentennial Commission selected artist Scott Hagan to paint at least one barn in each of Ohio's eighty-eight counties with the bicentennial logotype. The project began in 1997 and was completed in September 2002. Hagan sketched the image by hand on each barn before painting it. No two barns are exactly alike. Hagan completed all of the work himself and used…

Generals Francis Barlow, Winfield Scott Hancock (seated), William Birney and John Gibbon, Petersburg, Virginia American War, American History, Abraham Lincoln, Carolina Do Sul, Petersburg Virginia, War Image, America Civil War, Civil War Photos, Us History

Petersburg, Virginia. Group of Federal generals: W.S. Hancock, John Gibbon, F.C. Barlow and William Birney.

Church of Kazan Mother of God Icon in Kurba, an old Russian village. Baroque combined traditional methods of Yaroslavl architecture of the century. The photos by av_otus. Russian Architecture, Church Architecture, Ancient Architecture, Beautiful Architecture, Beautiful Buildings, Baroque Architecture, Abandoned Churches, Old Churches, Abandoned Places

The magnificent abandoned church of Kurba village · Russia Travel Blog

Church of Kazan Mother of God Icon in Kurba, an old Russian village. Baroque combined traditional methods of Yaroslavl architecture of the 17th century. The photos by av_otus.

FARMHOUSE – vintage early american farmhouse, the derby house on derby street, salem, massachusetts, a georgian colonial built by richard derby for his son, elias hasket derby, america's first millioniare, and new wife elizabeth crowninshield, the oldest brick house in salem, john derby carried the first news of battles of lexington and concord to england, house is now a salem maritime national historic site and open for tours. Red Houses, Saltbox Houses, Farm Houses, Early American Homes, American Houses, French Colonial, Spanish Colonial, Farmhouse Architecture, Red Cottage

Salem Massachusetts - Salem Architecture 17th & 18th Centuries: Overview

This guide features a calendar of events, information about Salem's sites and attractions, as well as local lodging and restaurants.

Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It's Barack Obama? - Forbes - 'No doubt, many will wish to give the credit to the efforts of the GOP controlled House of Representatives. Government Spending, Big Government, Barack Obama, Believe, Federal Budget, Thing 1, Lol, Our President, Right Wing

Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It's Barack Obama?

It’s enough to make even the most ardent Obama cynic scratch his head in confusion. Amidst all the cries of Barack Obama being the most prolific big government spender the nation has ever suffered, Marketwatch is reporting that our president has actually been tighter with a buck than any United States president [...]

The most oppressive law in US history was arguably the Fugitive Slave Act of crafted by Henry Clay as a compromise between North and South. World History Lessons, Us History, African American History, Black History, Colonial America, American Civil War, Black People, Badass, Images

Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Law September 18, 1850 On this date, the United States Congress passed the second Fugitive Slave Law Act. A similar act was enacted in 1793; both legislations were intended to help the recapture and transportation of runaway slaves to their owners and to commit the federal government to the legitimacy of holding property in slaves.

 1962 - ) She was the first openly gay non-incumbent elected to the House of Representatives in Elected on Nov. 2012 Baldwin will be the first woman senator from the state of Wisconsin and the first openly gay person in the U. Federal Budget, Federal Way, Real Superheroes, Women In Leadership, Double Standards, Election Day, Women In History, The Help, Equality

Tammy Baldwin Answers GOP Senator Who Said He'd Explain Budget 'Facts'

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D), Wisconsin's new senator-elect, is confident that she will be able to understand the federal budget without the assi...

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Jindal administration draining elderly trust fund

To cope with budget troubles, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration has steadily depleted a trust fund for elderly services created with an infusion of federal cash a decade ago. When Jindal took ...

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12 Ways to Avoid Getting Sued When Writing Your Memoirs by Angela Hoy, WritersWeekly.com and BookLocker.com

DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice. This list contains my opinions after 17 years of accepting and rejecting memoir manuscripts as the Publisher and Co-owner at BookLocke…

Here’s the New and Improved Hundred Dollar Bill. The Federal Reserve is making it rain new hundred dollar bills on October They're more colorful, more secure, and easier to authenticate, but harder to replicate. Time Value Of Money, 100 Dollar Bill, Dollar Bills, Dollar Dollar, Dollar Money, Federal Reserve Note, Benjamin Franklin, Wall Street, Shopping

The new $100 bill hits the streets today. Here are 5 ways to tell they’re real.

The Federal Reserve has introduced two new security technologies to complement the others it's added into its latest redesign.

Obama White House may have seen 'opportunity to disrupt' Flynn, ex-FBI official says Barack Obama, Obama Speech, Executive Action, You Lied To Me, National Security Advisor, State Of The Union, Former President, Obama President, African Americans

President Obama Wants To Drastically Change Election Day – And It's A Game Changer

President Obama wants to change the way Americans vote, and it's no small change. In an interview published on Thursday with The Daily Targum, President Obama endorsed the idea of making Election Day in the U.S. a federal holiday. He also likes the idea of having elections held on weekends, thereby making it much easier for people to vote. THE TARGUM: You have pointed out many times that voter turnout in the United States is very low, especially compared to other developed nations. But in…

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'Star Trek: Voyager' Points The Way To Liberation Through Loss

Life's many entanglements are demanding, never more so than now. Commentator Alva Noë finds himself fantasizing about what it would be like to suddenly and unexpectedly be cut free from those ties.

15 ways to save on prescription drugs - Clark Howard Clark Howard, Pharma Companies, Medical Prescription, Ways To Save, Health Insurance, Drugs, Health Care, At Least, Federal

Medicaid is broken and expansion won't fix it

More than one in five Americans, or 68 million people, will receive their health coverage through Medicaid this year — more than any other government health program. But as it adds millions of beneficiaries as a result of President Obama’s healthcare law, there is mounting evidence that Medicaid is broken.