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LON Dracnid Enthraller by *dcwj on deviantART

creaturesfromdreams: “LON Dracnid Enthraller by ~dcwj —-x—- More:

Evil Elf Summoner by ~Cribs on deviantART

Done for Iron Realms - lots of fun Evil Elf Summoner

Dreadhound by *Gimaldinov on deviantART

Dreadhound by gimaldinov - Arthur Gimaldinov

EXOskeleton Megamoth by ~SimonARPalmer on deviantART

Granted the ability to don the powerful EXOskeleton armors, a host of superheroes and supervillians are set loose upon the world!

glory of horde by ~mooreartcn on deviantART

glory of horde by mooreartcn on deviantART

Asura Necromancer by ~MariusBota on deviantART

Fan art i did for Guild Wars hope you guys enjoy, share it with your friends. Thanks Asura Necromancer

Gauntlet Cover by *MikeAzevedo on deviantART

Gauntlet Cover by MikeAzevedo

Cursed Ninja regular by ~JohnSilva on deviantART

John Silva Art, Legend of the Cryptids

League Of Legends - Wuju Style by *Anarki3000 on deviantART

League Of Legends Artwork for the preseason 3 Digi-Art Throwdown. This is my entry and from now on I promise i will deliver this kind of LoL fanart. League Of Legends - Wuju Style

electric chair girl by ~rabbiteyes on deviantART

LOVE this drawing. [electric chair girl by Rabbiteyes]