US Mexican War

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a painting of two men on horses holding flags and standing in front of other people
two toy soldiers on horses holding flags
Lanceros mexicanos, C.1840's
an image of a painting of soldiers in the desert
Unknown artist depiction of US forces assaulting a Mexican position during the Mexican American war. Note the casualty from the 1st Cavalry (Mexican) regiment in the foreground and a unhorsed Cuirassier to the right.
a drawing of a man in uniform holding a drum
11th Infantry Regiment drummer circa 1840s as drawn by Mr Manuel Hinojosa
three men in red uniforms holding flags and pointing them at the viewer's eye
United States History, America, United States Map
17 Texas Revolution & Mexican War | History Hub
an old black and white photo of a man in uniform
two toy soldiers on horseback with red flags
US Mexican War 1846 Presidial Lancers
American Revolutionary War, Texas History
Osprey - Men at Arms 056 - The Mexican - American War 1846 - 48 | PDF | Musket | Company (Military Unit)
a group of men standing next to each other holding flags