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Brightened up this babes do 💁 used a mixture of clay, extra blonde, & cool toned lightener! In ❤️❤️❤️❤️ got great lift and it had a nice smooth consistency! Accompanied it with an treatment!

MAKEOVER: Balayage For A Perfect Rooty Blonde - News - Modern Salon

MAKEOVER: Balayage For A Perfect Rooty Blonde - News

Kelly Massias ( of Lift Hair, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, says her natural level client was ready for an update. "She came in with a 4 month old grown out balayage" looking for (Step Haircut Highlights)

Guy Tang inspired balayage blend

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Hartt of Color, a salon by Janai Hartt, is ran by a creative color driven stylist specializing in dimensional personalized color creations. Janai Hartt strongly believes in living outside the color box, envisioning and delivering a special .

4-Sock Bun

10 Hair Tutorials for Buns

Another take in the sock bun! Push the sock down to the bottom of the pony tail. Spread the hair out around the sock and secure with an elastic. Braid the remaining hair wrapping it around the bun, pinning it down till its secure.