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What happens to solar panels once they've reached the end of their lifespan? Find out about the different types of solar panels and how they can be recycled. Learn more on our website.
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Is Your Rooftop Suitable for Solar Panels?
Before going ahead with a solar panel installation, you must first check that the conditions a-top your roof meet some necessary requirements. Learn more on the GreenMatch website.
Flat Roof Solar Panels
Can you install solar panels on a flat roof? Yes! Find out how it works in this short video.
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New Solar Technology
Solar energy is constantly being developed, and these 3 technologies are helping solar reach new places. You can read more about different new solar technologies on our blogpost on
4 Advantages of Solar Panels
Solar panels come with many advantages, and in this video we highlight 4 of them: long lifespan, scalability, increasing property value and silence. You can check the full video with pros and cons of solar panels on our YouTube channel!
Components of a Solar Battery System
What components do you need to have a functional solar battery system? In this video we go through the 3 key elements.
What Types of Solar Panels are There? (Mono- and Polycrystalline Explained)
What kind of solar panels are there in the market? The two most popular types are monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. In this video we go over their differences in efficiency and cost. See the whole thing on our YouTube Channel!
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9 Pros and 7 Cons of Solar Panels
Solar panels are a great green solution towards your home improvement, however, where there are advantages there are also disadvantages.If you are still on the fence about whether solar panels are the right solution for you, in this video we will go through 9 pros and 7 cons of solar panel systems. Check it out on our YouTube channel!
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Solar Panel Funding - What options are there?
When speaking of solar panel funding in the UK, the two most commonly mentioned schemes are the Feed-in Tariff and the Smart Export Guarantee. The Feed-in Tariff closed at the end of 2019 and isn’t available for new registrations. After it’s closure, the Smart Export Guarantee came into play from the 1st of January 2020. In this video we go over their differences, and explain just how the Smart Export Guarantee works.
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Solar Battery Storage System: The All-in-One Guide in 2021
Have you been considering installing solar batteries, but not sure if they’re worth it? In this video we’ll go through in detail how solar batteries work, their pros & cons, prices, efficiency, and much more. Check it out on our YouTube channel!
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Are Solar Panels Effective in the Winter?
There’s a common misconception that solar panels only work in countries with hot, sunny days all year round. But did you know that solar panels are also effective in the winter? Check out our video about the topic!
How Does a Solar Panel System Work?
Solar panels convert energy from sunlight to electricity that you can use in your home. But how do they actually work? On our page about solar panels we have broken down the process in a simple and easy to follow animation - take a look!
Video - How to Find the Best Solar Panels in the UK
In this video, we’ll show you how to find the best and most cost-effective solar panels for your house. With our 6-step guide, you will learn how to choose the most affordable, high-efficiency solar panel system that will not only save you money, but also make your home more sustainable.
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10 Things You Should Know about Solar Panels
Switching to solar energy has many advantages, allowing you to save money while helping the environment, and may have a few limitations connected to the position of your house and weather conditions. This blogpost goes more into detail with ten basic facts about solar panels that you should definitely know.
How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?
How do you know exactly how many panels you would need to cover your household? The key factors in determining how many solar panels you need include: your average daily energy consumption, the sun hours in your area, and your roof size. Read our thorough guide to get a better idea of how many solar panels you need for your home.