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One of my favourites gifs , I can’t stop looking at it and think ” Toru san so kawaiiiiiiii ” your smile kills me one more...

Toru and Tomoya. Tomoya is a lost puppy, like seriously look at him.

Cute, but if anyone in a fandom has this.... they will need a lot of tape, glue, and ya......

Yes, but more like, a couple has two of these and they both puth in messages for the other so when they break up, they will break the heart and read the sweet messages and oh my god

All credit to the Artist & Photographer / Creator of this incredible image.

Hip Hop Dancer, Monica Hahn /// wanna take a moment to say, how freakin beautiful this is, this is passion, surrendering to the music

One of the benefits of yoga is creating a balance within oneself.

There are yoga poses that benefit many things that trouble individuals and one area with which yoga can be particularly helpful is anxiety. By turning one’s focus in to their breath and their body’s movement, these 10 yoga poses can to relieve anxiety.