DIY Gorgeous Seating

Recycled, refinished and something to sit on! Chairs, settees, ottomans, anything you may use to belly up to a table or in front of a tv or outside on your…
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there is a sleigh hanging on the wall above a window in this room NICETOWN White Window Curtain Panels - 50% Light Blocking Curtains for Bedroom & Din
A window between the guest bedroom and living room is bizarre but isn't that a gorgeous 100 year old window!? Easy fix too with these inexpensive blackout curtains I purchased from Amazon! (affiliate link)
a teddy bear sitting in a chair next to a bed with a quilt on it
Rocking Chairs - My two favorites and how I updated them!
Introducing my brand new guest bedroom and library reveal! Country girl, country chic, country style, farmhouse style, farmhouse girl, farmgirl charm with sweet and easy design, grandma's quilt in a 100 year old home, floating barnwood book shelves and a beautiful stained glass window. Home Tour
a green chair sitting on top of a carpeted floor
Refurbished Furniture
Refurbished lonely kitchen chair.
an open door leading to a bedroom with two beds and a rug on the floor
Steam Punk Pulley Lamp
Lodi's amazing steam punk pulley lamp I totally had heart eyes for when he brought it home. Check it our here on Amazon! (affiliate link)
a wooden table with red chairs around it and a potted plant in the background
How to Remove Paint, Scuffs and Scratches From Wood Furniture
How to Remove Paint from Wood Furniture – fixing a whoopsie on our table… Literally DECADES ago my Mom promised me this beautiful table that her parents (my grandparents) built for her. She had stumbled upon the base, or someone had it given to her… or something that memory does not serve anymore and her parents built the top for it. Its gorgeous. I’ve always loved it. We generally only use the table for actual dining when we have company over. After that this table is our SERIOUS a…
a person is holding a napkin over a saucepan
How to Dye Tights With Kool-Aid
Ever watch the TV show Bewitched? Yep, you see where I am going with this- haha. It seems fitting for me to “live up to my name” and rock a bewitching costume for Halloween come this holiday. But I must say I have never been the one to get into all the creepy and scary part of Halloween. I love dressing up- don’t get me wrong. But let’s face it, I’m a scaredy cat and overall just like to think happy thoughts. So with that, dressing up as a witch isn’t th…
a basket filled with flowers on top of a red and white checkered table cloth
Basket Table decoration
These adorable baskets I got for a steel on Amazon made the perfect table center pieces / gift baskets for our wedding! (affiliate link)
a small bedroom with a bed, night stand and shelf on the wall next to it
Low light bulb for sleeping
An absolute life savor for us was finding this wonderful "sleep" light bulb on Amazon. It gives me enough light to sleep by but doesn't bother Lodi at all! (affiliate link)
a bed with lots of pillows on top of it and some bookshelves above it STACYPIK 100% Cotton King Size Quilt (3-Piece)- Lightweight Washing Quilt Bedding Set,Co
Scoring the most luxurious set of sheets for such a deal on Amazon was just the beginning in making our master bedroom our perfect oasis! (affiliate link)
an old wooden chair with a quilt on it's seat next to music sheets
A Quilt Inspired Wooden Chair and a Childhood Story
DIY quilt pattern stencil chair | My family is full of gifted quilters. I have one aunt that owned a wonderful quilt store for many years, and some day I’m going to coax her into letting me do a blog post about her many quilts (hint, hint, Aunt Lil). I have another aunt that sews beautiful quilted handbags (well, she did before she became a full-time teacher). My mother is a gifted seamstress, who has also sewn beautiful quilts. And then there’s me. Without constant supervision, {Read More}
a pot with the words 10 gorgeous designer tricks for dollar store pots
10 Easy DIY Dollar Store Planter Makeover Ideas
Decorate for cheap with these quick and creative plastic planter makeovers. Beautiful budget friendly pot upgrades for your front porch, backyard, bedroom, kitchen or living room home decor.
an old wooden rocking chair in a shop
Rocking Chairs - My two favorites and how I updated them!
Dated rocking chair gets a before and after makeover with black painted rocking chair, before and afters, DIY.
a bedroom with blue walls and white ceiling King Italian Prestige Collection Striped Bed Sheet Set – 1800 Luxury Soft Microfiber Dee
Incredible bedding (scored for an absolute deal on Amazon) was just the beginning in making our master bedroom our absolute oasis (affiliate link)
a white bath tub sitting in a bathroom next to a wooden dresser and clock on the wall YUBAIHUI 5pcs Scandinavian Bohemian Home Wall Decor Moon Phase Decorative Mirror Set Acr
These mirrors I purchased off of Amazon were the absolute perfect addition to our master bathroom! (affiliate link)
a black rocking chair sitting on top of a rug
Rocking Chairs - My two favorites and how I updated them!
A brand new rug, a brand new comforter, two new lamps and a RugPadUSA Giveaway! Giving my master a much needed face lift after a divorce and a rug giveaway from Rug Pad USA. Two thrift store lamps and a refresh in a Farmhouse master bedroom.
a stack of yoga mats sitting on top of a wooden table next to a lamp
Pool Noodle Flower Float
A while back I saw a post for a pool noodle chair and thought that, since my grandson was coming to visit , I'd surprise him with a float he could 'chill' in the pool with. Using the same method, this is what I came up with. (This is my first ever Hometalk post, so on that goes. Cut 7 seven foot lengths of cording. Run one through each pool noodle, (I tied one end of the cord to a fishing weight to help it slide through the noodle). Bend noodle into a petal shape a…
the ceiling is covered with wood planks and has two lights on each side of it
LED Garage Lights 2 Pack, 180W 16800LM Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights with 10 Adjustable Panel
These LED lights I have become totally infatuated with. They screw in like a normal light bulb and put out about a thousand times more light! (affiliate link)
a fire pit surrounded by lawn chairs and lights
cafe string lights
These amazing cafe string lights were the perfect addition to our new lower deck and fire pit! (affiliate link)
some chairs and lights in the middle of a yard
cafe string lights
These amazing cafe string lights were the perfect addition to our new lower deck and fire pit! (affiliate link)
a cardboard box sitting on top of a counter
How to Create a Spooky Lantern from a Tissue Box
I was inspired for this week's challenge by a large tissue box that I was just about to throw away. With Halloween just around the corner, an idea for a lantern came to mind... My tissue box in its original state (before the haunting). Tools and Materials Empty tissue box Scissors Pattern pieces Cardstock Tissue paper Glue Foam core LED light Plastic charger Decor Trim I trimmed out the opening so that there was a 1/2" border all around. Make Pattern Pieces I planned o…
a bedroom with two chairs and a teddy bear on the bed in front of it
Rocking Chairs - My two favorites and how I updated them!
Many years back one of my very first blog posts I ever wrote I called "a story of two rocking chairs" - it was all about a big oak rocker
a black chair with sunflowers painted on it
Coal Black fmp Sunflower Chair
a white chair sitting on top of a grass covered field
21 Ways to Upcycle a Chair › Redoux Interiors
an old blue chair with a burlocked seat sits in front of a wooden wall
Old Dining Chair Turned Accent Piece.
Love it!