Hindu rope plant

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25 Trailing and Hanging Succulents That Thrive In Small Spaces

The best 20 trailing and hanging succulents and cacti that will make your home – even a small apartment – feel and look amazing.

Mislabeled Hoya, is this a rope plant? Seedling ID help also

Bought this with a Hoya curtisii label. Googled it for more info and curtisii looks nothing like mine. This does look like Hoya carnosa aka wax plant...

Hoya Hindu Rope Plant - How to Grow Care

Hindu Rope Plant, Hoya carnosa, is a succulent vine that produces clusters of star-shaped, waxy flowers. Tips on how to grow and care for at Houseplant411.com.

Hoya compacta - a photo on Flickriver

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Hoya compacta Hoya

Hoya compacta (Hindu Rope Plant) | World of Succulents

Hoya compacta (Hindu Rope Plant), also known as Hoya carnosa 'Compacta' or Hoya compacta 'Krinkle Kurl', is draping succulent vine that produces...

Indian Hindu Angel Rope Hoya Compacta Krinkle Kurl - Exotic Flowering Wax Plant

There are two options for purchase: Cutting – This cutting can be rooted in fresh water or soil Rooted cutting – Skip the first step and plant in a sand/soil mix. Rope Hoya has thick compact crinkled leaves that vine. They grow long hence the name “Rope Hoya”. It makes a unique bloom with pink star shaped flowers. The flower nectar attracts butterflies. :) This hoya prefers partial shade or indirect lighting. It is drought tolerant and easy to maintain plant, it can be outside in…

Altum's Garden Center on Instagram: “FRESH IN 🌸 Variegated Hindu Rope Plant. We are loving these and how funky they are! They are easy to grow and love light 🌞🍃 #hoya…”

42 Likes, 2 Comments - Altum's Garden Center (@askaltums) on Instagram: “FRESH IN 🌸 Variegated Hindu Rope Plant. We are loving these and how funky they are! They are easy…”

Hoya Plant Care: How to Grow Our Top 5 Cultivars

If you remember a vine creeping around your grandmother’s kitchen, chances are it was a Hoya plant. This tropical indoor plant — often called a “Wax plant” due to its thick waxy leaves — is a classic because it lives forever, grows to be enormous, and creates beautiful, porcelain-like fragrant flower clusters (it’s also often called “Porcelain flower”). Though many swear Hoya plant care is among the easiest of all indoor plants, we’ve cared for many Hoyas in the nursery over the years, and…

Hindu Rope Plant Care: How To Grow Hoya Compacta “Krinkle Kurl”

Hindu Rope Plant unusual looking conversation piece is actually a curly-leaved variety of the familiar Wax Plant Hoya Carnosa - Growing and Care

Hindu Indian Rope Plant - Hoya - Exotic Yet Easy - 3" Pot

Amazon.com: Hindu Indian Rope Plant - Hoya - Exotic Yet Easy - 3" Pot: Toys & Games

How to Care for a Hoya Plant

Also commonly referred to as wax plants, Hoya plants are popular for their thick, waxy leaves and beautiful star-shaped flowers. While they do have a few needs, Hoya plants are generally very easy to care for, making them a great option...

Care of a Hindu Rope Plant | Hunker

Hindu rope plants (Hoya carnosa "Krinkle Kurl") earned their common name with their 12- to 15-inch-long stems, which have a pendulous habit, like a length of rope. Usually grown as houseplants, they will also survive outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9a through 11.

Hoya carnosa compacta marginata (regalis)

Variegated Hindu Rope Waxflower Originally received from the legendary Ed Hummel: pink flower umbels dangle from the meandering stems completely invisible ..

LIVE PLANT Hoya Carnosa Krinkle Kurl Free Gift Cutting Wax | Etsy

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Hoya Carnosa Compacta (Hindu Rope) • Plant Circle

Hoya Carnosa Compacta is a draping succulent vine that produces white star-shaped flowers. The thick & twisted leaves is why it's often called Hindu Rope.