LSD art work

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You can only say WOW on how this project turned out! Check this gorgeous mandala leather clock! These handmade carved patterns and textures are just perfect You can find this item on our etsy shop: If you would like another custom design please don't hesitate to contact us! Happy crafting everyone!
Handmade macrame necklace with blue gemstone and beads @lsdworkshop
Handmade charoite macrame necklace custom made. Very pleased client so happy crafting!! @64lib
Macrame necklace with green abalone shell custom made for a birthday gift. Stunning green color for our dearest friend @ade_blech
Handmade crochet mandala rug. Cozy cozy cozy!!
Quick preview of my new Chrysocolla macrame necklace. I will make some proper pictures of this amazing piece but I was way to excited to show you the results! The stone that I've used is one of my fav.. makes me feel closer to nature and to our beautiful planet Earth! I think this piece looks really really good what do you think? XoX
I made this beautiful necklace for my husband with a natural stone that he absolutely loves Moss Agate. To make it more suitable for him I decided to use a black polyester cord which made the piece very elegant! He absolutely loved it _ I would love to hear your thoughts!
Amethyst pendant. Silver wire with amethyst gemstone made as a gift for a special friend _
Flourite macramé pendant @lsdworkshop
Tiger's eye macrame chocker the finished product soon available on our etsy shop @lsdworkshop