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a hand holding a piece of paper with writing on it and the words tense written in different languages
a table with words that are in english and the words below it have been written on them
a notebook with writing on it that says past, present and future
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a hand holding a pen and writing on a sheet of paper with words written in it
Follow for more English lessons 👉🏼 @learnenglishwithclemence 💾 Save this reel for future reference. ♥️ Double-tap to show your… | Instagram
a poster with instructions on how to use phrases
15 Phrasal Verbs for Daily Routines - My Lingua Academy
15 Phrasal Verbs for Daily Routines
a screenshot of the prepositions of time in english and spanish for kids
a sign that says, math symbols plus minus and nine times with the same symbol
To eat, Learn English As A Second Language, English With Clémence – ESL Tutors
a hand holding a pen over a piece of paper that has writing on it with words
English With Clémence Arbib - English Teacher - English as a Second Language
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