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Shaping Crochet Bustier Cups (CORRECTED): 1- Calculate Nr of stitches from middle of chest to desired height of cup; say it will be 42/48/54 sts. ~~ 2- On half that number (21/24/27 sts) crochet dc's, and do 7/8/9 rows until you have a perfect square. ~~ 3- Then on 2 sides of the square crochet double of the starting number of stitches, ie 42/48/54 sts, and do another 7/8/9 dc rows. ~~ The seam is shown in red on the photo. ~~ http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/natavit/rubric/2071290/
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Free Crochet Pattern: Bikini Bow Top. Sizes A-D Cup! From http://www.thepurpleponcho.com/bikini-bow-top-a-free-crochet-pattern/
(4) Name: 'Crocheting : Seahawks Inspired 'Superhawk' Blanket
1 of 1: Siberian Husky Afghan Crochet Graph Dog Pattern By Alta's Crafts
Thank you for considering one of our Corner to Corner (C2C) crochet graphs and instructions. All of our graph patterns are delivered in a pdf format that includes a full size graph, a graph scaled down to print on one page, a color coded row by row word chart, a black and white word chart and basic