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a butterfly that is sitting on someone's hand
I Went To The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve In Mexico, And Here Are 23 Pictures I Took
an orange and black butterfly sitting on top of a green leaf
Anartia amathea #Бабочки #Насекомые
a purple and white flower in the middle of some leaves
the knitting pattern for this afghan is very easy to knit
Zig Zag 3d Stitch Pattern | Knit with Aabhar | Aabhar Creations
a pink crochet stitch on top of a white surface with a wooden knitting needle
Ripple Ridge Lace Knit Stitch Pattern
This Ripple Ridge Lace Knitting Pattern easily creates a beautiful and graceful texture. Similar to a vintage feather and fan, this stitch variation includes a added structure with garter ridges between each of the lacy rows. An easy series of knitting techniques make an old shale lacy design with a wavy scalloped edge knitted with just one yarn color or alternating stripes. Get your free printable knitting pattern and chart for both flat and in-the-round projects by Studio Knit.
a crocheted doily is shown next to an image of the knitting pattern
Ажурный узор спицами
a woman standing in front of a wall wearing a multicolored knitted sweater
the knitting pattern is shown in purple
Irena Odynets (irenaodynets)
a knitted blanket is shown with the names and numbers on it