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a wreath with moss and pine cones on it
lottens vita och gröna
Inpsiration: Barbed wire and moss.
a wreath made out of barbed wire and feathers
"Historical State of Jefferson Barb Wire Collection" Wreath. This wire is called "Concertina Military Entanglement Wire" by collectors. (ref. Hagemeier 6-E). This wire features a single high tensile line wire. Line wire has a kink at barbing location. Barbs are founr pointed, made by wrapping two barbing wires together around the kink in the line wire. These wires came in two concentric coils, with lines joined by metal clips at intervals. Each coil had two wire handles on each end wire.
two wooden shelves with plants on them against a white wall, one holding succulents and the other hanging
3 Western Ways To Decorate With Succulents
3 Western Ways To Decorate With Succulents - COWGIRL Magazine
a horse shoe decorated with christmas lights and ribbon hanging from the side of a wall
Antique horse collar wreath
a christmas wreath hanging on the side of a building with lights and decorations around it
"The Old Horse Collar" I remember when my father brought this collar home when I was in high school . It was from his father's ranch, which was sold about the time I was born. He talked about putting a mirror in it to hang in the house. Well....I don't think my mother liked the idea. So, a few years ago, it got passed on to me...same story. But the porch is mine! - And I think it makes a great wreath! -