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a coloring page with an image of a flower and a bird on it's back
Woodland Forest Animals Dot Markers Coloring Pages
Woodland Forest Animals Dot Markers Coloring Pages by The Kinder Kids
the words and numbers are used to make this game for the classroom that is perfect for students
Best Ways to Teach SEL - Using games to help build mindfulness, team-building, and empathy
Dive into 14 classroom-tested Social Emotional Learning games designed to enhance empathy, communication, and problem-solving skills. Ideal for teachers on the lookout for interactive lessons that promote positive behavior and teamwork. Discover new ways to nurture emotional wellness in students. #SEL #TeamBuilding #EdChat
two children coloring books with the title doodle book review on top and another child's drawing
Best Book Report One-Pager - Doodle Book Review for Any Book!
Take book reports and book projects to a whole new level with this super fun Doodle Book Review! First, students complete a step-by-step planning guide. They’ll reflect on the book’s characters, plot, setting, and theme. In addition, they’ll rate the book, identify an important quote, write a summary, describe the book in just three words, and even make up an award for the book. Next, they’ll use their insights from their planning pages to design a Doodle Book Review.
the poster for laughter and learning in the classroom, featuring four different types of moustaches
Easy Ways to Make the Classroom More Fun - Collection of Games, Stories, & Tasks to Make Kids Laugh
Could your classroom use a good dose of laughter? If you're looking for easy ways to make the classroom more fun, adding a little humor might just be the ticket. Studies show that laughter is a powerful tool in helping increase engagement and retention. Check out this collection of ideas and an exclusive freebie filled with ways to get students giggling in class.
a poster with the words, question marks and practice mats for students to use in their classroom
Quotation Marks Worksheets, Test, and Grammar Activities with Doodle Notes
This Doodle and Do resource is designed to teach students critical quotation marks rules. Students will record the rules and investigate examples on a fun and engaging Doodle Desk Mat. Then, they will write, doodle, and learn on the doodle mat. Students will complete practice pages to reinforce their learning and take a quiz to show their learning.
a pile of colorful papers with the words calming corner freebies written on them in black
Free Calming Corner Resources - Mindfulness Calming Tools
One calming corner strategy is to create a set of finger labyrinths. Students quietly trace the path of the labyrinths and they take a deep breath. This simple activity helps students focus on the present. Find these cards for free on the blog.
a pile of books with the title 15 differentiated reading passages
Leveled Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions – Nonfiction Articles
Dive into a world of interactive learning with engaging reading passages! 🚀 Our reading passages and comprehension questions for grades 4-7 are packed with excitement and include doodle tasks. 🎯 Tailored at 3 levels, making learning accessible for all! 🌈 Unlock the joy of reading today. 📚 #InteractiveLearning #DifferentiatedInstruction #ReadingPassages
classroom management tips, tricks and tools on a whiteboard in front of a desk
Ways to Establish Positive Behavior in the Classroom - Includes FREE Behavior Goal Doodle Page
Transform your classroom into a haven of positivity! 🌈 Our blog is bursting with creative ideas for effective classroom management. Check it out for a FREE doodle behavior reset activity. Navigate the challenges of classroom management like a pro! 🌟 Uncover a wealth of strategies, tricks, and FREE resources in our latest blog post. Don't miss out on the doodle behavior reset activity!
the brain bursts project is an easy way to teach kids how to write and draw
Warm-Up Games - Puzzles and Brain Challenges for the Classroom
Perfect games, puzzles, and challenges for any classroom! This resource includes 10 types of Brain Bursts with 60 different activities. Each one is designed to help improve memory encoding, information processing, and listening comprehension. Since each activity is designed to take a short amount of time, they work great as warm-ups, lesson extenders, or enrichment activities.