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a chalkboard with writing on it that says are you cold? come sit in the corner its 10 degrees
Hardee har har
there are many bottles of sodas on the shelf in this store that says, oh look another thing my name won't be on
Kellin Quinn
So true
a dog is standing on some stairs and looking up at the sky with caption that says don't ask but yes, i could use some help
Oh dogs...
an image of a cat with captioning on the front and back of it
Tard meets the Dark Master
Can't. Stop. Laughing.
a minion with large eyes and the caption 99 % of all lol's are said with a face like this
an image of a woman laying on the ground with a glass in her hand and another drawing behind it
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someone is trying to pull the rubber band off their foot
☻☹МуαНЅ ρΙиТєяєЅТ
two pictures with the same caption and one has an image of people playing video games
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 88 Pics
a man standing on the sidewalk using his cell phone
19 Things Men Over 30 Should Never Wear
Imágenes graciosas, humor, diversión, Wardrobe failure..?! Shes FAR from impressed..
a young boy in a suit and tie standing next to a tv screen with a woman on it
Watching TV For The First Time
Watching TV For The First Time
a woman sitting on top of a piece of cake next to another photo with the caption hey spongeebb i made it out of the sea where are you?
This man's desire to be whatever he wants to be, even if it's Patrick Star:
This man’s desire to be whatever he wants to be, even if it’s Patrick Star: | The 35 Most Powerful Snapchats Of 2013
several stuffed animals lined up on the floor
For snack time.
For snack time. | 32 Pics That Prove Every Pet Owner Should Use Snapchat
a young child is trying to reach into the oven with his pants hanging from the rack
27 Reasons Why Kids Are Actually The Worst
'why kids are actually the worst'... I DIED laughing!!! definitely look at!