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Gözde Göktürk

Gözde Göktürk
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dreamcatcher tattoo

Dream catcher tattoo, I love the idea of having it right behind your ear and on your head, so it's as close as possible to your dreams

A compas was used by sailors  to guide them the way and bring them safe home. To me, it will help me follow my dreams and find my way in life

Thinking about a compass rose tattoo, as a guide to encourage me to keep exploring, to lose myself but to never become lost.

i want a dream catcher in this exact location

Why don’t you get a beautiful dreamcatcher tattoo, so you can keep the nice dreams, and shoo away the bad ones? Discover the origin of the dreamcatcher tattoo and its true meaning.


No matter what, in life, we need direction. By direction we could mean metaphorically being guided through certain situations or literally needing to know what physical direction to move towards.