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Serif tote. A regular walked in today with this. @Tanya Test? You like? Go take. $26


In typography, serifs are semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols. What if this detail is applied to a tote bag? Serif Tote Bag extends its strap to merge with the serif and become part of a stroke on the body of the canvas bag. This is the second edition Serif Tote Bag which is made of heavy weight 16oz cotton waxed canvas. They are all handmade in Hong Kong. This simple tote bag is durable and is a perfect item for designers and type…

Awesome! PD

エナメル. / enamel.official website

エナメル. / enamel. official website / わたしたちの会社は、紙と布を扱う小さなデザイン会社です. ウェブ制作・構築もすこししています. 隔週の火曜日に弊社の商品をご覧いただけるよう、アトリエを開放しています. We are small design company for designing Paper, Cloth and Web. We will open our studio every other Tuesday. You can order and buy our products.

cool packaging/branding.

Dental Software - Systems for Dentists - Where am I? Who am I? What are we doing here!

Representing this through our stand design, personalities and our projects, we also wanted to ensure that this was a true representation of the group

Susanne Dunkel

Susanne Dunkel

Kraft paper shopping bag with twisted handles #shoppingbag #paperbags #packaging  View more at @sinicline                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Kraft paper shopping bag with twisted handles #shoppingbag #paperbags #packaging View more at @sinicline More

papaer bag Design Print Graphic Fashion 紙袋 デザイン 印刷 グラフィクデザイン ファッション                                                                                                                                                                                 More


こんにちはベリービーの芦谷です。 今日はものすごくインパクトのあるタッセルのある紙袋をご紹介します。 かわいい…

papaer bag Design Print Graphic Fashion 紙袋 デザイン 印刷 グラフィクデザイン ファッション                                                                                                                                                                                 More


こんにちはベリービーの芦谷です。 今日は高級感たっぷりの リボンを使った紙袋をご紹介します。 厚手のコート紙に…

ProjectObject by Sarah von der Luft at Coroflot.com


An exploration in how we distribute and follow objects. Initial prototypes used a QR code plus web interface system to record and track the story of each bag. Subsequent prototype made of Tyvek. The u...

cement bags w/twisted paper handle | packaging specialist - unconventional #packaging solutions


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Commission Studio’s monochromatic and ever-evolving identity for DKNY

“Graphic and bold in its form, but tactile and sensuous in application, the DKNY logo aims to represent the conflicting sides of New York; caviar and pizza, limos and taxis, ball games and broadway,” explains Commission Studio. Under the designers’ watch, DKNY has been completely reimagined to create a more dynamic and contemporary look for the brand.

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こんにちは! ベリービーの芥川です。 10月に入り、涼しくなってきてすっかり秋めいてきましたね。 今年ももう残…