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a quilted bag sitting on top of a cutting board next to scissors and tape
Making a beginner Quilted Tote Bag
The perfect tote bag! Sewn together using @artgalleryfabrics prints from one of my favorite designers Sharon Holland. Fully lined with an jnterior pocket and woven handles.
someone is holding onto the black and white fabric that has been folded on top of it
DIY Garden Flags for Beginners. {{ The Best Step by Step Guide}}
the diagram shows how to draw a rectangle in two different ways, including cutting and sewing
French Seam Pillowcase Set in Under 30 Minutes-Tutorial - Smashed Peas & Carrots
an envelope that has the words sew along the arrows on it and is laying on the floor
How to Make an Easy Tube Pillowcase with only 3 Seams! | The Burrito Pillow Case
How to Make an Easy Rolled Pillowcase with 3 seams
a blue and pink pillow sitting on top of a bed
20+ Free Pillowcase Patterns
three pillowcase sizes for king and queen
How Much Fabric for a Pillowcase of my Bed Size?
How to Make a Self-Binding Placemat | Shabby Fabrics
a table topped with lots of different types of fabric
How To Make A Self-Binding Quilted Placemat
several different types of cloth napkins on a wooden table with text overlay that says 10 minutes self binding cloth napkins
Self Binding Cloth Napkins Tutorial
three different ways to sew a headband with the same pattern as shown in this video
How to Make a Table Runner (3 Easy DIY Table Runners)
Quick & Easy 10 Min Table runner
a blue and white plaid blanket sitting on top of a wooden bench next to flowers