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Bucharest, Romania I'm putting this one in Color Splash because of the mosaic work, which is fabulous. I've seen mosaic pools very similar to this which look phenomenal. Tedious, but well worth it.

5 Amazing Restaurants in Bucharest- Traveling, we've eaten a lot of really delicious menu items and had an equal share of truly terrible restaurant fare. Some cities were better than others for offering a selection of great places to eat, Bucharest, Romania was one of those delightful destinations!

5 Amazing Restaurants in Bucharest

Bucharest Romania Cantacuzino Palace beautiful eastern Europe cities palaces

Cantacuzino palace Bucharest (George Enescu museum)

Cantacuzino palace – George Enescu museum - built in

Bucharest landmarks: Palatul Cantacuzino palace – George Enescu museum

Bucharest landmarks

Cantacuzino Palace, today “George Enescu” National Museum, BUCHAREST One of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest, it was designed by the Romanian architect Ion D. Berindey, in a style that combines French Baroque with Rococo and Art Nouveau elements.