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an image of the virgin mary and child jesus on a green background with words in russian
Икона Божьей Матери.
Ikona Matki Bożej.
the crucifix with jesus and mary on it is shown in this image
Depend on the Power of the Cross!
an image of jesus and mary in the clouds
two men sitting on top of a cloud next to each other with crosses in their hands
a sign that is on the side of a wall with writing in spanish and english
Saluta cu placere / Pastreaza respectul / Foloseste harnicia... Cato Maior
Stapaneste-ti mania.
an image of jesus with flowers in the background
Schițe și desene
the icon of st mary, who is holding her hands up and standing in front of a
Free Catholic coloring pages, Free icon coloring pages
Free Catholic coloring pages, Free icon coloring pages
the icon of jesus christ is depicted in an ornate frame
Творчество в подарок: джутовая филигрань
Творчество в подарок г.Набережные Челны
a painting of a woman with pearls on her head and eyes, wearing a purple jacket
Nossa Senhora De Medjugorje 5D5