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Traditional Romanian costume (hand woven and hand embroidered) Transylvania

Transylvania photo Traditional Romanian costume (hand woven and hand embroidered) Transylvania

romanian traditional costume

Traditional Style of clothing for Romanian children. She is so precious and she probably does not even know she is preserving her cultural identity by wearing such intricate clothing.

Traditional Romanian Costume

Traditional Romanian Costume, romanian culture is a part if swiss culture as switserland sits by the boarder of many europian contries and takes cultural influence form many places

Apuseni Mountains - Transylvania, Romania

Apuseni Mountains, Transylvania, Romania The geological phenomenon you see is called a “ravine” = very small valley often produced by streamcutting erosion. The name of this particular ravine derives from it’s reddish colour: Rusty Pit

.Romanian traditional dress, embroidered

Christine Brown on Romanian Textiles, Part 1: The Lecture

Ensemble Date: fourth quarter century Culture: Romanian Medium: cotton, wool, metal, wool

Traditional Romanian clothing

Welcome to Romania Welcome to Romania (Source) Romania ( România ) is a country located north of the Balkan Peninsula on th.

Folk costumes - Romanian, Maramures

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traditional romanian

Romanian girl in Romanian traditional costume from Venetia de Jos, Fagaras County, Transylvania.photograph by Mihai Sin