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Now working on some OC drawings, and practicing of course. I need to improve my color choosing ability lol. My OC Shiro. without the bandages on his face and all sweaty because of soccer pr.

Just playng :3

abs aomine_daiki blue_hair blush boxers bulge gay kagami_taiga kuroko_no_basuke male_only red_hair standing toned yaoi

Sooo Hooot!

Free: Speedo boys - Rin [Day by mazjojo on deviantART jaw dropped and broke all my teeth.then blacked out and drowned in my own double nosebleed.

I want there

Nicely done and hot! That's what I call a properly done Yaoi drawing of a beautiful white boy! Clearly not the work of a Caucasian artist but that of an Asian one (most likely Japanese or of Japanese ancestry) Rin & Makoto & Rei & Nagisa & Haruka