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everything will end by xrust on DeviantArt

everything will end by xrust on DeviantArt

Huy Lee

A deep breath can be so helpful in times of stress or anxiety. There is something so soothing about a deep breath. It’s as if you’re filling every single cell in your body with fresh air.

Twenty20 / santiago__cervantes

Basically A Stranger: 16 Man And Women From Arranged Marriages Share The Truth About Sex On Their Wedding Night


Journelle is a luxury lingerie store in New York, featuring luxury designer lingerie, bras, underwear, loungewear and accessories.


Don Lichterman: Weed & Dreamdoktor placed on three new Compilation CDs

Davidlohr Bueso

Held annually in Hollywood, California, The Oscars (officially the Academy Awards) is the most prominent awards program for the film industry.

Jason Persse

7 Stuffs Youll Need In A Blizzard( Because

Shirtless Guy Staring

This week's Monday Fix explores the grungy and edgy work of photographers such as Moni Haworth aka Johnnys Bird, Andrew Wilson, Gonvsky Tsai and many others.

Mikael Kristenson

My son declared a milk strike. He stared defiantly into my husband’s eyes over the rim of his sippy cup. “Go ahead. I watched from a distance, not dari…


You are well aware that it can be exhausting to be a dedicated friend, lover, or coworker. You know better than anyone else that self care should be first priority.