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Loki Cosplay

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I’ve received a lot of questions about my lady loki cosplay, so here’s a compilation of references, materials and a general runthrough of how I put my costume together that hopefully some of you will find helpful ??????? First of all, keep in mind that there are multiple interpretations of this costume from the comic artists and cosplayers alike, so this isn’t a definitive, end-all guide to a lady loki cosplay. I worked my cosplay around the J Michael Strazyncski run of the Thor comics reboot: For my cosplayer reference, I primarily looked up to Riddle’s lady loki cosplay and decided her approach to making the suit was my favorite ??? If you’re interested in using chainmail for your cosplay instead of a bodysuit, tonyloki made a runthrough of her awesome lady loki cosplay as well ??? For this cosplay in the way I made mine, the end products include: Diadem Wig Bodysuit Fur cape Loincloth Boots Belts Misc accessories Starting with the diadem, I used missy-apolis' very useful lady loki diadem tutorial that helped me figure out how to make the horns symmetrical without having to resort to resin casting.  The base is used is regular thin cardboard you should be able to buy at any general art supply store, and I cut out pieces of foam for the little designs on the diadem. Missy-apolis’ tutorial should cover everything! My end product is here: I’ve been asked a few times how I keep the diadem down on my head and what elastic I’d advise, and let me tell you, asking me is not a good idea because I used.. a bra strap… Bra straps are… surprisingly resilient and don’t stretch over time like elastics I’ve used before, so if you’re prepared to wear a glorified horned bra over your head, this is how I went about this ????? ……. I’ve also been asked on how I’ve made my prop so glossy, and the answer is just don’t be afraid to completely abuse any glossing agents you have at hand, and I usually use mod podge or any regular craft glue with glossing agents involved.. Just…. use it all…. and I’ve actually had to put gloss over time! I’m really abusive with my cosplays once I’m done wearing them: I just throw them around and shove them in cupboard when I’m done, so as a result, every time I take them out I have to go over whatever damages I’ve made… so every time I wear my lady loki cosplay, I end up having to put a few new coats of gloss because I keep hitting walls with those horns!! Next: onto the bodysuit! Special mention goes to my partner in crime  valkyrjas who does all the sewing while I shove patterns at her and retreat into my dark corner filled with knives, glue guns, pieces of metal and any typical hazardous cosplay bits you’ll find during precon war times. For this part of the cosplay, you’ll need to buy sewing patterns for a body suit and lingerie and then merge them into one: The torso section of my suit is a typical lingerie pattern you should be able to find in pattern guides like Simplicity. The rest follows the pattern of a catsuit. And if you’re looking for a cosplay cleavage tutorial, here’s a good one… I’d also recommend the victoria’s secret bombshell bra since it’s like wearing another set of boobs entirely……. I’ve also been asked where to get the materials for my suit: You can easily find it on etsy if you search “green leather fabric”. Here, here and here are examples of the many shades of green leathers available on etsy *__* I used a really basic forest green shade The fur I used for my cape came from a luxury fur line from my local store at Lincraft, so searching “fur fabric” online should land you a good dupe since it’s such a basic color. Here’s a lighter, similar color I’ve found on etsy, but you’re really going to have to search for something to your taste on your own •?.?•? The way I attach the cape to me is by having the cape made to slip on like a jacket since it was too heavy to do the lazy cosplay thing and pin everything down….. The wig, belts and boots should be pretty self explanatory as they’re something you can easily search for on ebay or any other shopping site of your preference. Searching for “brown knee high boots”, “long black wig” and buying belts at anywhere should help you through with these things! Though the brand I bought my boots from in particular are from Kvoll and their shoes are so pretty •??•?*? Onto the loincloth! I just used any green fabric that was a shade darker than my suit (in this case I think I bought a forest green panama stretch fabric) and it attaches at the back with velcro. Feel free to make your loincloth double sided like lady loki wears hers- but I just felt like it was pointless since my cape hid everything at the back… (and sorry if my loincloth shows up as different colors in some pictures! I’ve actually changed the material used about 3 times… the one I used as the images’ header post is my newest cosplay photo and that’s the latest material I’ve bought for it… I used to use velvet so it showed up really dark..) And as for any trinkets you feel like getting for your cosplay, it should all be easily bought at either your local jewelry stores or online *_* If you’re looking for makeup tutorials, I’d recommend going through pixiwoo's looks •??•?*? They explain what products are used and do a lot of looks for you to go through. Hopefully this answers most of the questions I’ve been getting about this cosplay!!
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