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an aerial view of a city surrounded by water and trees in the fall season, with autumn foliage surrounding it
Jane***Naihai on Twitter
people are walking on the bridge over the water
an old cobblestone street with a light hanging over it
Beynac-Porta_Veuva by arnaud eveillard / 500px
view from the top of a building looking down on a cityscape and dome
Paris framed by Simeon Mieszkowski / 500px
two seagulls are standing on the edge of a pier near water and buildings
an outdoor garden with lots of colorful flowers
Flores: 101 Tipos e Espécies Para Colorir o Seu Jardim
Primavera: uma flor escultural
an old stone building with flowers growing out of it's windows and tables in the courtyard
Rue Filaterie, Annecy France
the stairs are covered in pink flowers and petals
pink flowers are growing on the outside of a house
a white house with pink flowers hanging from the roof and two colorful chairs in front
a blue and white house with potted plants on the front porch, stairs leading up to it
Mykonian style / Mykonos, Greece
an archway with blue walls and potted plants
Chefchaouen au Maroc #regram@danicaspi #voyagevoyage #travel #bucketlist #morocco #chefchaouen