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a piece of paper with a quote on it
38 Amazing Motivational And Inspirational Quotes
an image of a street at night with the words uni rad cu lacrni, aliti plag cu zambetu peu pe buze
Citate romanesti
a person is holding an open book in their hand
totul | Tumblr
Romanian for "You can't have it all. Where would you put it ?" / En roumain sur l'image : "Tu ne peux pas tout avoir. Où est-ce que tu le mettrais ?" #Romanian #roumain
a woman sitting on top of a mountain with her legs crossed and the words i want to
I just want to be happy without worrying about anything...
the quote i'm a simple person with a complicated mind
Yup afraid so
a black and white photo with the words i can and i will written on it
40 Inspirational And Motivational Quotes That Will Make Your Day
a piece of brown paper with writing on it next to a pen and eraser
Diana Paraoan
a person holding an umbrella under a cloudy sky with the words judge me when you are perfect
If somepne laughs at you don't be quiet. Either change it or say it on his face judge me when....