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an image of people in the garden with plants and trees around them on a blue background
Poster | Yevhenia Haidamaka Illustration
two butterflies with swirls and stars on their wings, one is drawn in red ink
a set of fairy images including flowers, butterflies and other things that are in the air
a painting of different types of flowers and insects
Et coloris natura
Et coloris natura on Behance
an open sketchbook with flowers and leaves on the pages, next to colored pencils
several different types of mushrooms are shown in this drawing, and each mushroom has an individual's name on it
Mushroom Study
Ella Ginn on Behance
an owl painted on the side of a wooden plaque with stars and moths around it
Wood Burning Art: Adding Gold Shimmer to Leaves and Border
Final touches! Adding some gold shimmer to the leaves and border and this piece is finished! in 2022 | Wood burning patterns stencil, Diy wood engraving, Wood art
an instagramr with many different butterflies on it