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a painting of pink roses in a blue vase
Welcome Pin Pals! Relax. Enjoy. Pin, pin, pin! I don't block because I'm too flattered that you like what I've put together.
a pink and white striped canister sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
Las Manualidades de Marta
Lata con decoupage
a pink sign that says crayo on it
Letters for wall: Create - wall art tutorial and template
Made using packing foam and decoupage with tissue paper
the instructions to make an iphone case out of scrap paper and other items on a wooden table
Customize your cell phone with scrapbook paper!
a pink flower in a white mug with a spoon sticking out of the cup next to it
Crepe and Watercolor Flower Tutorial
DIY: Shabby Crepe and Watercolor Flower Tutorial
a wreath made out of rolled up flowers
Easy DIY Spring Wreath
DIY:: Gorgeous Rose Wreath
a white wreath with pink and green flowers hanging on the front door, which reads top 50 diy spring wreath - i heart nap time
Two Shades of Pink
DIY::Ruffly White Wreath-made from sheets
four different pictures of pens, pencils and markers in containers on a shelf next to each other
Torie Jayne
DIY:: My Shabby Projects (each with own tutorial) by Tori Jayne
two painted mason jars sitting on top of a table
DIY: Painted Mason Jars
Simply Ciani: DIY:Easy Shabby Painted Mason Jars
white flowers are in mason jars with the words chalk painted on them, and an image of
a sick day. almost. - It All Started With Paint
DIY:: How to Create distressed Shabby Chalk painted (mason or recycled jars) in sweet colors of choice ! Great Tutorial by it all started with paint (This is the tutorial for all the ones featured on Etsy ! Why buy when you can DIY ?
three glass jars with dirt on them sitting next to each other
Some Women Like Shoes. I Like Bottles! - Town & Country Living
DIY:: So Lovely Shabby Altered Vintage Bottles (With Free Printables) by - Town & Country Living
pink and white paper flowers sitting on top of a table
STEP BY STEP: Fab Paper Flowers
DIY::Craft paper peonies
three buckets with roses painted on them sitting on a table next to a candle
Where I Create
DIY:: Vintage French Shabby Storage created with mod Podge Tutorial !