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Gabriela Florea

Gabriela Florea
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Light Just Right

hen lighting a bedroom, put relaxation first. Overhead lighting should be paired with task lighting (bedside lamps or sconces). Make sure all lights have dimmers, so you can turn down the brightness when reading or settling into bed.

Bold and Bright

Bold and Bright- Inject personality into your living space with energetic hues and quirky secondhand finds, like this coral sofa and gilded accent pieces.

Wombat <3

Wombats are mammals. Wombats are marsupials. Wombats are native only to Australia. Wombats look somewhat like a little bear. There are two basic kinds of wombats, the Bare-nosed wombat, and the Hairy-nosed wombat. Wombats are nocturnal grazers.

Come On Bunny Light My Fire

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