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Black Mage Sunset Shimmer by on @DeviantArt

Another trio of pony girls for the Final Fantasy Dressphere series! *Cadence- Songstress *Sunset Shimmer- Black Mage *Zecora- Alchemist The Mane Six - The Princesses - Cutie Mark Crusaders - The Baddies

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Daniel Ingram - Under Our Spell [Aurelleah&Orange B Remix][Heavy Dance/Hybrid Moombahcore-Ish]

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The Way of the Wolf - First illustration for an upcoming ebook project (a series of short illustrated fantasy stories).




Prologue It was a stormy night when a werewolf family was eating away in their cozy home.Everything was normal until suddenly a group of werewolf hunter tracked and attacked the unnatural family.The beastly animals transformed them self.