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Sustainable Desk Lamp “Quercus” by Max Ashford

Quercus – Desk Lamp Design by Max Ashford. For the lamp shade, Ashford used a wine bottle that he cut in half and frosted as to emit a warm and soft light. Would like it more if it was adjustable.

The greatest friendship on planet Earth.

Seriously, can these two be my new best friends? Waiting for Godot actors Patrick Stewart Ian Mckellen - a bromance in pictures

Louis Chevrolet behind a Chevrolet steering wheel ;-)

June 1941 - Louis Chevrolet, American automotive pioneer died at He died nearly penniless in Detroit and is buried in the Holy Cross and Saint Joseph Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

<> Hemingway

Author Ernest Hemingway admiring his mirror image bare-chested & sporting boxing gloves. He witnessed both world wars almost got killed in a plane crash and escaped death by horns of a bull. Indeed Ernest Hemingway was a mans man.