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a weekly business planner printable to organize your small business day
Weekly Business Planner
Specificially for small businesses, helping you to organize your business day. Download on Etsy at
someone holding a newspaper with the words how top news stories can mean free pr for your biz
Free Publicity for Your Business - Attention Getting Marketing
the words 5 easy ways to get free year - end publicity in pink and blue
Free Year End Publicity Opportunities - Attention Getting Marketing
several candles with the words how expensive packaging can kill your profits on them, surrounded by smaller ones
Expensive Packaging Costs
the words when pricing too low is a bad idea
Pricing Products Too Low
a camera with the words product photography tips
Product Photography Tips - Attention Getting Marketing
an alarm clock with the words how to stay connected with customers when business is slow
How to Stay Connected with Customers - Attention Getting
a cardboard box with a tag that says, 6 small business subscription boxes
Small Business Subscription Boxes - Attention Getting Marketing
the differences between revenue and profits when a top seller isn't a top seller
Difference Between Revenue and Profits - Attention Getting
the words popular call to action examples by online retailers are shown in orange and white
Call to Action Examples - Attention Getting Marketing
the words marketing ideas for the $ 4 billion market for grad gifts
Graduation Gifts Marketing Ideas - Attention Getting Marketing
three women standing in front of a table with shopping bags and the words 3 types of customers your business may be ignoring
High School Classroom Decor - Attention Getting Marketing
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bookshelf
Customers Want to See on Your About Page - Attention Getting