Targoviste Castle where Vlad Tepes impaled hundreds of victims

Romania Travel Inspiration - Targoviste Castle where Vlad Tepes impaled hundreds of victims

Vlad Tepes‘s castle - Romania

Where Vlad the Impaler (inspiration for Bram Stoker's fictional character Dracula) spent most of his days. It's in a more remote part of Romania and you have to climb 1480 steps to get to the entrance. A place want to see

Ghika Gradisteanu Palace, Bucharest

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*Bucharest through your eyes*  Bucharest Sky Tower, Romania Thank you Burcea Mihai for this picture!

Bucharest Sky Tower, Romania Is a buiding of offices in all center of the city is 137 meters tall floors and 5 subways being the biggest buiding from the city.

The brainchild of Romanian couple Razvan and Gabriela Vasile, the two sold their home near Bucharest to claim their spot in the Valley of Fairies – a picturesque setting 24 miles (40 kilometers) from the medieval city of Sibiu. The castle is nestled in the Carpathian Mountains, not far from the wildly winding Transfagarasan highway.

Transylvanian Hobbit hotel is built out of clay and sand

Razvan and Gabriela Vasile built an eco-friendly fairytale castle in the mountains of Transylvania. It’s called the Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies and it’s made of organic materials.

Sutu palace, Bucharest

Suţu palace, Bucharest

Suţu palace, or else known as the "Palace of history and art of the city of Bucharest". Situated in the heart of the "old Bucharest", among many other architectural gems.