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two people standing in a kitchen talking to each other with the caption's above them
There is a line and you crossed it.
a modern house with stairs leading to the upper floor and second story balcony above it
Ballard Remodel by Grouparchitect
Ballard Remodel by Grouparchitect
the different types of eyes are shown in this drawing
Character Design References
Sketching great eyes ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | キャラクターデザイン | • Find more at & and learn how to draw: concept art, bandes dessinées, dessin animé, çizgi film #animation #banda #desenhada #toons #manga #BD #historieta #strip #settei #fumetti #anime #cartoni #animati #comics #cartoon from the art of Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli and more || ✤
a woman with long blonde hair wearing a hat
Iced Coffee & Peonies
an intricate drawing with many different shapes and sizes on it's surface, including the center
Mandala...Los mándalas son diagramas o representaciones esquemáticas y simbólicas del macrocosmos y el microcosmos, utilizados en el budismo y el hinduismo.Dentro de las múltiples técnicas de relajación orientales, se encuentra la de pintar mándalas, fomentan la introspección y fortalecen la creatividad.
two people sitting next to each other on an airplane with the caption, you are so adorable we're just friends
'The Fault In Our Stars'