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Georgiana Iulia Alecu

Georgiana Iulia Alecu
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Learn 3D printing basics in this easy-to-follow class.

The Printer or rapid prototyping system is a computer assisted manufacturing process where software guides the creation of three dimensional models.


Does the world need another earbud holder? Well, this one fits older Apple Earbuds and stores the cable neatly. For a holder for other types of ea

Puppy Dog Earbud Storage Case printed Five Bud-Es open and showing their interior.

Very cool DIY Clothing Ideas 2014

My DIY Projects: How To Add Glitter To Your Heels Use an old (or new) pair of heels. Using "Tacky Glue", paint shoe with glue using a small paint brush. Then, pour loose glitter all over shoe. I used "Tulip" brand from Michael's. Voila easy as that!