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a man sitting on a bus with his dog
Kültür Tava on Twitter
a man sitting on the sidewalk reading a newspaper with his dog in front of him
a woman in a long red dress is dancing by a window with sunlight streaming through the windows
black and white photograph of a woman in leotard doing the splits on one leg
Anna Vechirka Аня Вечирка
an old building with many windows and shutters on the front, while people are looking out
an old photo of a woman holding up flags by the water with her hands in the air
Lisa S. on Twitter
two children are standing on the balcony looking out at the street from their apartment window
un regard oblique
an old photo of three women carrying boxes in the street with one woman walking behind them
21 Delightful Vintage Photos Of Animals
a woman in a black leotard doing a dance pose
Юлия Смольная on Instagram: “Под такими фото, как это, пальцы не поворачиваются писать длинные, мудрёные тексты… Да и не нужен здесь текст. Как говорится…”
a woman in a black leotard doing a ballet move
Maria Khoreva Мария Хорева