Georgia Klebleev

Georgia Klebleev

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Georgia Klebleev
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TEGES fake security tag brooches by Michał Jońca #design #jewelry

"Fake Security Tag" Designed by architect Michał Jońca, this is a unique, one of its kind, hand made piece of carefully designed jewellery collection, in shape of security clothing tag. Design Origin: Poland image by TEGES

Wrappu by Micha Kumpf and Ngaire Wex

Micha Kumpf and Ngaire Wex are designers based in Munich and they& launched Wrappu, a range of gift boxes that take gift wrapping to the next level.

Ascent Collection by Brad Ascalon for Mitab

Brad Ascalon Reimagines Seating for Public Spaces The seating in waiting rooms, lobbies, and airports never seems to change, resulting in outdated and uncomfortable places to sit for undetermined.

Nomadic Life by Gerardo Osio | a series of transportable objects inspired by Japanese culture and traditional crafts.

Mexican designer Gerardo Osio worked with Japanese craft workshops to create this range of mobile homeware, designed to offer nomads a sense of belonging