George Tița
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I'm worthless, I'm fat, I'm ugly, I'm jealous, I'm over emotional, everything a guy wouldn't want. It's no wonder why I get cheated on, but I'm so deep in depression I don't even have enough fight left in me to change all of that. The weight thing, no problem. I just don't eat. I can't anymore. I'm so far gone at this point, just smiling takes everything in me to do it.

She Should just give up on me, I'm lost in my own realm of despair, and She tries to pull me out, but I only Pull Her deeper into her own. I am the monster in her nightmares


as long as it takes for her to remember, i'll be waiting. she's worth it. she's worth a lifetime of waiting. i love her, and because of that, i'll wait. Even if I know I have no chances of loving her again. I will wait.