George Dumitrascu

George Dumitrascu

George Dumitrascu
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This free scenery wallpaper includes snow leopard mother and cub. Once again, it makes me appreciate the magic of nature. No matter human beings or animals,

El Greco

signum-crucis: St Dominic in Prayer — El Greco (Domenikos Theokópoulos), Alas! O my God, if there are so few to bear the Cross,there will only be few to adore Thee in eternity.—St Jean Vianney, Sermon on the Cross

Penitent Magdalene - El Greco

Marie Madeleine de Le Gréco Francis had a soft spot for Mary Magdelene, whom he felt had been unfairly maligned by history. He often pointed out that his surname was "the Greek." He had an El Greco art book in his library.