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a white wall covered in lots of stickers and writing that says, one team
smART Class
"one team" grade level mural theme? could be used for anti-bully art project?
a bulletin board with pink sticky notes attached to it and the words thing we love written on it
Banana Republic, London Banana Republic, London
three wooden sculptures made to look like sunbursts and glasses are on display
a display case with fake flowers and books in it
an icon with the image of mary and jesus
Mamelor, dați mai departe: Rugăciunea făcătoare de minuni pe care mamele trebuie să o spună pentru copiii lor…
the icon is on display in an ornate church
Citită 3 zile la rând, rugăciunea Sfintei Cruci îndepărtează orice rău din casă! - Romania News
an old man sitting in front of a painting on a bed next to a crucifix
Cum trebuie să se roage mama pentru copiii ei