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10 Secret European Little Towns You Must Visit #travel #europe

10 Secret European Little Towns You Must Visit. I love visiting smaller towns because they're more intimate and aren't full of tourists and expensive tourist traps!

Los Monumentos de Patrimonio mundial de Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India

The UNESCO World Heritage Monuments of Khajuraho, located in Madhya Pradesh, India, were built in AD by the Chandelas. The Hindu and Jain temple reliefs are considered to be the best examples of the art known as the Kama Sutra.

Ruinas romanas. Jerash, Jordan  | Daily Design News #dailydesignews #ddn #designnews

Ruins of the street columns of the Cardo Maximus iof the ancient Decapolis city of Gerasa (modern day Jerash, Jordan.

Al khazneh, o el tesoro, en Petra, Jordania. Es este tallado * directamente fuera del paisaje de piedra circundante * ??? - o construido de una forma más estándar (aunque sigue siendo muy difícil)

Al Khazneh, or the Treasury, at Petra, Jordan. Is this carved directly out of the surrounding stone landscape or constructed in a more standard (although still very challenging) way?