Dragos Leonard Grosu

Dragos Leonard Grosu

Dragos Leonard Grosu
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Ever find yourself sacrificing to get any sign of affection, kindness or love? Why do some of us accept so little in a relationship? Join me to flip the switch. Learn how to switch from scarcity to real Love!

"you're perfect for me"

She's the kind of girl a guy meets when hes too young, and he fucks up because theres too much living to do. Burblater he realizes shes perfect.

You have ruined my good heart so now it's time for you to find yourself before you ruin anyone else's heart

not only will he continue to ruin himself, he'll ruin you too.oh how true this is! So glad to have a good man now, that knows exactly who he is and how to treat a woman.

An workout strength training abs

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