Traditional Romanian Costume

Traditional Romanian Costume, romanian culture is a part if swiss culture as switserland sits by the boarder of many europian contries and takes cultural influence form many places

Romanian traditional dress: from Mures in Transylvania

Traditional dress from Mures county, Transylvania. Explore the last bucolic country in Europe, Romania, Maros megyei népviselet, Erdély

Romanian Traditional Folk Art Embroidery…

The symbol for the Sun god / goddess, creator of the Sacred Hearth, giver of life, is a central motif in the designs of many cultures of the Slavic & Baltic regions.

A young Romania girl sporting a brightly hued traditional folk costume and…

A young Romanian girl sporting a brightly hued traditional folk costume and garland-like headdress

A Day in the Countryside

A Day in the Countryside

Transylvania. Romanian. Did I ever tell you about the time I asked my mother to…

Detail IE, La blouse romaine, Romanian traditional blouse.

Traditional Romanian costume

In Romania you can still meet people wearing a traditional costume…