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Who are the Anunnaki?

Who are the Anunnaki? Are the Anunnaki real? Are they aliens? Or are they part of a bigger picture? The “Anunnaki” are the major players in a paradigm making its way into popular folklo…

UFOs, Aliens, and Religious Art

People who try to suggest that UFOs are in some way responsible, over the millenia, for the direction of human cultural and religious evolution, sometimes appeal to curious images such as this one …

Arqueologia Extraterrestre Mexico

Les presentamos una colección de piezas encontradas en Ojuelos jalisco. #ArqueologiaExtraterrestreMexico #ArqueologiaProhibida #Aztlan #ovni #Alien #Ufo #Anu...

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Ancient Aliens

For centuries, the achievements of the past baffled modern societies. How could ancient empires build architectural marvels like the pyramids or the Nazca li...


UFO in clouds

18 Likes, 1 Comments - Mysteries Unexplained (@mysteries.unexplained) on Instagram: “Very interesting video of a strange object in the clouds. If you look closely you can see objects…”


Space craft

1,172 Likes, 65 Comments - Paradigm Shift (@mysteries.unexplained) on Instagram: “Believed to be man made from alien technology. What do you think? . . Follow @mysteries.unexplained…”

10 Mysterious Things That Have Been Caught On Camera

Scientists Couldn't Believe Their Eyes When They Found This... ► Subscribe: For copyright matters please contact us at: miniminter1992....

Древняя история. Раскопки. Допотопная цивилизация. 15 часть | Русь

... Инженеры-предки хотели оставить старые каменные блоки с завидной точностью, которые во многих отношениях бросают вызов сегодняшним строителям.

The Dropa Stones

UPDATED This picture was taken in 1947 by Dr Karyl Robin-Evans. It shows the Dropa leaders Hueypah-la, who stands 4′ tall and Veez-la, who was 3’6″ tall. 1947: Dr. Karyl Robin-Eva…

RUSSIAN SECRET BOOK: Alien Races. Extraterrestrial beings. part.11

The book’s secret alien races is one of the most controversial documents originating from the period when Russia was dominated by communism. The first editio...


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L'OVNI de Roswell - Part. 1 - == U.F.O TOP SECRET ==

L'OVNI Contrairement aux autres OVNIs, celui de Roswell avait une forme différente, il ressemblait plus à une raie qu'a un disque traditionnelle. L'enveloppe qui été constituée d'un alliage mince de cuivre des plus fin et d'argent des plus pur recouvrait...