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A Black Hole Close-Up, and a Telescope as Big as the World - The Event Horizon Telescope will give astronomers an extreme close-up when our galaxy's black hole lights up.

A Black Hole Close-Up, and a Telescope as Big as the World - (Artist Concept) - What we can see of black holes is evidence of the destruction that they cause, dying stars putting up a fight, and the plasma jets that they belch out when they eat too fast!

Before I die id like to see something magical like this -Aurora, Norway | by Wayne Pinkston

Aurora Borealis in Kitdalen, Norway. Canon camera, Nikon mm lens at 14 mm and f sec exposure, ISO Hope you enjoy! by Wayne Pinkston . Aurora boreali on night sky multicolor

Worlds 10 Most Expensive Yachts (Qatar at No.7) - ...

What are the world's top 10 most expensive yachts? Every yacht is designed in a unique way. The most expensive yachts are constructed for extremely wealthy billionaires

Giorgio Armani's Yacht

Giorgio Armani's Yacht, so not your typical glossy wood,ugly little curtains railings kind of yacht, leave it to Giorgio to rethink the entire at sea style his taste is beyond fantastico !

Feadship Predator

Unusual superyachts: 2008 Feadship Predator - the first axe-bow for the Dutch builder