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Italian bike designer, Agnelli Milan Bikes, is making the old new again by repurposing vintage 1950s auto parts into gorgeouselectric bikes attractive.
steering mechanism
Rezultat imagine pentru sidecar bicycle

sydecar bike

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an image of the wiring for a car alarm system with various components labeled in english and spanish
Anunturi Gratuite - Peste 4 milioane anunturi -
Pneu automotivo numa bike
the bike is on display in the shop
Tested out the tire fit and also had a go at checking out the compression with the shock... it’s looking very promising! Still some work to be done on the stopping side of things.
the rear suspension is attached to the vehicle's front wheel and has two springs on it
Строим электро багги. Задняя подвеска.
there are two metal handles on the table
ChopZone DIY
a red bicycle with a wooden seat and handlebars is shown in front of a white background
beautiful and strange bicycles — Short tandem. Embacher collecion.
beautiful and strange bicycles — Short tandem. Embacher collecion.
an old motorcycle wheel and tire hanging on the wall
European lightweight Motorized Bicycles
1919 onwards, Lumen motor wheel, France, 118cc, later 149cc
a red bicycle parked in front of a wooden fence with two spokes on it
ADDBIKE, tous les vélos sont des triporteurs
Parallélogramme du prototype Addbike
a bike with a wooden seat and side storage compartment on the back is parked in grass
Sidecar 002
Sidecar 002 by Juan Pablo Cambariere, via Flickr