League of Legends News: Ryze Rework

League of Legends recebe atualização que foca em Ryze e Leona - EExpoNews

TI6 Main Qualifiers results: all the teams who made it

The Main Qualifiers ended today and we finally know all the teams that will participate at the main event in the Seattle KeyArena

The UK forms the British eSports Association

the UK established a non profit organisation to represent English players, teams, organisations and broadcasters, called the British eSports Association.

The International 6 Main Qualifiers update

The International 6 Main Qualifiers update - GameSinners

League of Legends: Hextech Chests are a money bait

League of Legends: Hextech Chests are a money bait - GameSinners

Hi-Rez Unveils 3.12 Patch Notes for Smite

Patch notes for Hi-Rez Studios' popular MOBA Smite unveil a new playable character, skins, and changes that shake up the current meta game.

ESL’s E-Sports Hall of Fame honors HeatoN

Legendary Counter Strike player and manager Emil " HeatoN " Christensen will be the first inductee on ESL's E-Sports Hall of Fame.

Overwatch Competitive Play is Live for PC!

'Overwatch' ganha modo competitivo nos computadores em novo patch - EExpoNews

FC Shalke 04 enter FIFA E-Sports

FC Shalke currently competing in the Bundesliga, has officially announced they will be expanding their operation onto the FIFA E-Sports scene.

ELEAGUE Group D Finals: Fnatic vs FaZe Analysis

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