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Les Alychamps - Vincent van Gogh 1888

Art and Salt : Photo

Oscar Jacobson FW14

Pair a brown houndstooth blazer with navy jeans -Brown Houndstooth Blazer — Brown Pocket Square — Khaki Dress Shirt — Navy Jeans — Dark Brown Tie — Dark Brown Herringbone Scarf

Vincent van Gogh - Peach Tree in Bloom (in Memory of Mauve)

Pink Peach Tree in Blossom (Reminiscence of Mauve), Vincent van Gogh, oil on canvas,

Parfait Gentleman | Men's Fashion Blog

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Tweed cardigan..

Charcoal Grey 'Tweed' Knit Cardigan, and Black Wool Driving Cap.

Street Style | Raddest Men's Fashion Looks On The Internet:

casual suit with sneakers

The On Duty Look | GQ | If you're only breaking out your khaki suit for summer weddings, you're doing it wrong. With a dress shirt and a tie, it's a perfect fit for the office, too.

The GQ Spring Trend Report: For the interns.

Cardigan- Layers

From GQ: "Cardigan" Is Now Spelled C-O-A-T Why have cardigans been bulking up like Dwayne Johnson all season? So they can be your outermost, always-on layer Cardigan * Nothing cozier than a chunky sweater. But remember: Chunky doesn't mean baggy.

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