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Sometimes, some people want things to be comfortable and predictable. But the world says otherwise because the world can be crazy and very absurd.

50 Pictures Showing Our World Can Be Pretty Absurd

These people take silliness to new heights.

Not many dances are as popular household names, nor as culturally significant, as the tango. The Tango’s classic two-person style, with all its intimacy and sensuality, is as synonymous with romance as flowers and chocolates.

Couple Wows The Crowd With Sensual Tango Routine

The Tango has always had culture and romance in its roots. With the classic Tango tune "La Cumparsita" these two pay homage to the 100 year old tradition going back to the bars and clubs between Argentina and Uruguay.

A tidy person just wants things to be tidy. That’s all they want.  But when they live in a house with other not-so-tidy people, it’s definitely frustrating, annoying, and stressful. And all they can do is wait for that day when they can live in a clean house, where they call all the shots.

40 Things That Annoy Really Tidy People

If everyone else blind to the mess?

Have you ever seen something happen and wished you had a camera to capture the moment or you saw an actual photo that made you cringe? Some people are lucky enough to photograph cringe-worthy moments that are taken at just the right time.

50+ Photos So Cringeworthy You Might Not Be Able To Get Through All Of Them

You may not even want to look at these photos.

Clearly, Dawn dish soap is a godsend when it comes to washing dishes. It cuts grease, it smells good, and it doesn’t dry out your hands! What’s not to love? But – did you know that Dawn is capable of so much more than just getting rid of food scraps and grease?

45+ Frugal And Clever Uses For Dawn Dish Soap

You'll want to stock up on this household staple.

Social media and the internet allow us the opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas with other people. We’re all interconnected today in ways we couldn’t imagine just ten or twenty years ago.

50 of the funniest tinder profiles that'll make you do a double-take

With so many choices these people made their profiles stand out in the best way possible.

Facebook Marketplace is a novel way to sell a few things locally. Most people use it to declutter their homes. They make a bit of extra money by selling their old juicers, exercise equipment, or lightly used items. This, however, is not how everyone uses Facebook Marketplace.

75 items sold on Facebook marketplace that seriously cross the line

Most people sell a few gently used items on Facebook Marketplace to help declutter their homes. That is not even remotely what is going on here.

While there are really great days where everything is falling into place, there can also be bad days where things just won’t go in your favor. When you feel down or disappointed after being reprimanded at work or because of a point deduction in class, remember these 60 people who are having a much worse day than you.

60 People Whose Day Took A Turn For The Worse

Sometimes it just feels like the universe is against you.

Who doesn’t love watching movies, right? Going to cinemas and enjoying a great film with family, friends, loved ones or even by yourself can be stress-relieving. Out of excitement on watching a new movie, we sometimes tend to overlook certain details. Really seeing these details, had we paid more attention to them, would certainly turn the way we see the movie and would leave us totally bothered!

50 Things overlooked in movies that bother people

You won't be looking at the same movie twice after these 50 movie details!

Exams can be tough. Often, there will be a question on the exam that stumps even the most diligent student. And when that happens, students have to get a bit creative with their answers. These 50 students all thought outside the box, resulting in some clever answers to both simple and not-so-simple questions. If you need a good laugh today, here are 50 of our favorite student exam answers!

55 Of The Most Hilarious Student Exam Answers

These students all got very creative with their out-of-the-box exam answers!

The day in the life of a woman is something that men will never understand. Even the best men who try will never truly get it. Just know, women, that you are not alone in these struggles. We are in this together.

35 Photos That Men Won’t Begin To Understand

The day in the life of a woman is something that men will never understand. Even with context, they probably won't understand these memes and pictures.

Disney is known as the happiest place on Earth, and we all agree that it is quite a joyful place to be, especially for kids and families. However, it seems that Disney is not all about fun and magic as there are also unusual, weird, and hilarious sights that were captured on camera and shared online!

50 not so Disney moments caught on camera at theme park

Well, that's scandalous.

Lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing have become the new abnormal. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent fallout have altered the world, leaving most in their homes and pajamas. Many previously bubbling businesses have either temporarily shut down or permanently closed

50 DIY beauty disasters that took place during quarantine

Check out these 50 beauty blunders amid the ongoing quarantines and lockdowns.

Some high school stories are just way too funny to not tell anyone. Twitter user Kiran the Nomad from Huntsville, Alabama, apparently thought the same thing when he decided to write a couple of tweets about a particularly funny story that happened to him when he was just twelve years old.

12-Year-Old Has Best Response To Girlfriend Telling Him She's Pregnant

He had the best response to being told he knocked her up.

On the internet, we can be anything we choose to be. Thanks to tools like Photoshop, that is more than just possible.  So, do we go smaller, do we go bigger, or do we go for a poreless look? Or do we do our best to be our authentic selves and admit that we all have flaws that make us uniquely beautiful?

60 people whose Instagram photos are so fake we can't help but laugh

We all want to look out best. However, there is a point at which people go too far with filters and Photoshop. These 60 have gone way past that point.

It’s easy enough to just ignore a wrong number text, but what fun would that be? Then again, there are messages accidentally received that really do need to make their way to the original recipient.

75 of the worst wrong number texts ever

When the wrong number goes REALLY wrong.