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a woman with her hand on her head looking at the camera while posing for a photo
Моника Беллуччи / Monica Bellucci
Моника Беллуччи / Monica Bellucci
a woman sitting on top of a couch in front of a mirror with her legs crossed
Monica Bellucci
black and white photograph of a woman leaning against a car
Ferdinando Scianna, Palazzolo Acreide. Italian actress Monica BELLUCCI.
a woman sitting on top of a chair next to flowers
Monica Bellucci #12
a black and white photo of a woman sitting on a couch with her hand in her pocket
a woman in a red dress standing on a red carpet with other people behind her
a woman in a black dress sitting on a white couch
Monica Bellucci for Cartier
Monica Bellucci | Tumblr Priyanka Chopra, Scarlett Johansson, Lily Collins, Mode Style
Monica Bellucci | Tumblr
Monica Bellucci | Tumblr